Greate companies thrive, because of great people!

At Aluka, our focus is centred around helping people achieve more. We attract and work with only the best people to ensure our customers are in the best hands.

We are sarching for the right people to join our organisation and be part of something exciting and rewarding, which ultimately delivers growth and satisfaction to both our customers and our people.


Working at Aluka means that you will:

  • Receive comprehensive training across all aspects of real estate and property.
  • Be surrounded by people who truly care about your future, aspirations and wellbeing.
  • Benefit from a fair and equitable remuneration structure that ensures you are fairly paid for your efforts and expertise.
  • Have the opportunity to grow your personal wealth by building equity in a rent roll.
  • Gain access to qualified leads so that you can focus on high dollar productive activities.
  • Have the opportunity to pursue various career progression opportunities within the company.

If you feel that you deserve more and don't belong where you currently are, reach out to Frank Munnich by either calling or scheduling a confidential meeting with him below, we would love to speak with you and discuss how we can help you achieve more.