6 Crucial Things To Do & Know Before Listing Your Property For Sale

Selling a property can sometimes seem like an overwhelming and stressful process. Thankfully, most stresses can be avoided by covering off 6 simple, yet crucial things once the decision has been made to sell.


We surveyed a large number of property sellers the majority said they wish they had taken these 6 critical steps before listing with an agent.


  • Presentation is critical.  Take a look at your property from across the road and be honest with the appearance.  A lot of sellers have actually taken a photo of their property from across the road and asked friends and family for suggestions on improving the properties street appeal. This is particularly important as most buyers will search for your property online, and then do a drive-by before arranging an actual inspection of the property.  We want to ensure we maximise the number of buyers who are impressed and take the next step of physically inspecting your property.


  • Explore and consider all options that will allow you to achieve your goal.  These may include selling, renting out your property, refinancing or other options.


  • Work out what you are looking for in an agent when choosing the right agent to represent you when marketing your home. Write a detailed list of likes and dislikes.


  • Set a time-frame of when you want to have your goal achieved. Having a deadline will help provide clarity around setting the right strategy for you and your property and avoid any uncomfortable surprises or anxious anticipation.


  • Clearly and honestly understand what you are trying to achieve ie: why you really want to sell. Our suggestions is to write a list with two columns asking two clear questions:-

a) Why do We Want To Sell (have you considered other options such as renting out your property, refinancing and staying put etc)

b) What is the minimum amount we need as a sale price to achieve our goal or objective


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